4.9 x 45mm

I found, loose in a bin where I keep my new file folders, a copy of a cartridge box label. I probably set it on top of the folders with other filing stuff I was doing.

I find I have no file or information on this cartridge. All the label says is:

20 Patronen
4,9 x 45
Bem: 7305a

FZ 65 PV

I would like to have any information I can get on this cartridge. A photo of it would be helpful as well, along with photos of any other box labels. I assume that it is German from the word “Patronen.”

An interrpetation of “Bem: 7305a” and “FZ 45 PV” would be very helpful as well.

Hello John,

here is one


seems to be an DAG experimental - sorry my spanish is lousy

Bem: … is a factory not a military code. The 65 might be 1965.


Did they happen to come from Century Arms? I know that they used to have a few different kinds of DAG experimentals in stock. They still have some of the 4.3mm.

Dear mr J. Moss

I think this is the box you’re talking about:

This is one of the experimental rounds in the development of the german caseless ammo. It was used as a test vehicle for ballistic test, (to use a necked-up .233 case was cheaper than to test with caseless ammo.)

hope this helps,


PS. I think 1965 is to early, (may 1973 is more likely) but thats just my opinion


Bem: … is a factory not a military code. The 65 might be 1965.

Sorry genkideskan,

“Bem.” stands for “Bemusterung”, true, DAG uses/used this word.

I do agree with mhr. joost that it rather originates from 1973. The box label of my 7,62x39 headstamped 01 71 also shows “Bem. 71xxx” and further down the rubber stamped 2-letter/2-digit/2-letter code without any correlation to the year.