4 civil war and very rare finds out of one box

I can count myself very lucky on this… I found a box of old cartridges at the flea market, most all are amazing finds by themselves for a market. not pictured are such items as maynard, different types of spencers, lipfires, cupfires, even a 577 howdah pistol ctg.

These 4 are the most amazing things i have found in a very long time. 100_0707100_0706

Left to right
54 caliber tinned morse carbine, Frankford Arsenal production.
45 colt inside primed multiball wright patent #207582,
50-70-450 rimfire C1866,
58 long gatling.
44 magnum on a keychain for size reference.
These all came from the same collection, and who knows why they drilled 2 holes in each case. But, I’ll keep them. I don’t mind a bit.
Any opinions or corrections are very welcome! I’m 98% positive on the id of these, but I learn lots of things everyday.

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I believe the tinned Morse is Frankford Arsenal production. Nice find!

I didn’t think of that… I hadn’t dove into morse production and didn’t know that the union made any. Learn Learn everyday. Thanks!
What I also thought that the howdah pistol round is in fact a 577 revolver round.
I’m still debating on the 50-70 rimfire, I can find no creases indicating martin priming, but the rimfire version of this is just so rare I’ve never encountered one before.
I’m leaning on this might be a 50-60 Joslyn as well.