4" Eley Nobel

These were fired from the Howdah by the Indian Maharajah
still in about the 1920

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In a pistol (Howdah, or did I get something wrong as so often)? A brave man he must have been (or very desperate)! Is it the reason why he is not anymore?

Alex is correct, this was most likely fired from the ground, it would most likely have knocked the shooter from the elephant.

As an aside it is a 4 bore shell loaded with a lead bullet, and not an original Maharajah of Rewa’s rifle load.

Those have a smooth cannelure and the bullet is not punch-crimped

Now EOD please give me a break you are a very educated man n as such you know
the Howdah was the seat on top of those Elephants
And regarding these 9mm that previous post about those helmet test gave me that idea
because I could never figure out why these rounds had lead bullets

Pete please check Hoyem Vol3 page 11 you will find an explanation there
yes some of those things are hard to believe

I think Alex (EOD) intended to subtly point at the difference between calibers 4 inch and 4 bore.

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On page 11 George states the “headstamp dates this round to the early 1920’s when the Indian” & etc. Not that this was used by them, but an inference that it could have been used by a Maharajah. As a 4 bore 4" rifle loading it could also have well been used for dangerous game in Africa.

The one illustrated below it was made by H&H for the Maharajah of Rewa.

The example you show doesn’t have the same bullet, the crimp is re-done over the original and the case shows re-loading marks. So different than what is shown. Still in all a nice piece.

Yes but all of these were reloads or handloads in one form or other

No not all.