4 Ga pinfire

Hi everybody.

I was just wondering, are there other than France made 4 ga pin fire shells?

I have 4 different ones in my collection but they are all french ones.

Sorry about bad pictures.

regards rené

René, it was also made by/for British companies like Eley and Reilly, and also listed by Kynoch, although I do not know if examples are known. Regards, Fede.

Hi Fede,

Thanks for the info.
That is something to search for!

Regards rené

A Reilly, dark red paper & headstamp is quite faint. The “4” is very similar to the French examples you show. Loaded with an Eley wire-shot concentrator & SSG shot

I also have a different French 4 as it looks like the 3rd from the right but it has a tin plated head headstamped very close to yours with the white in it, and impressed into the case wall near the mouth is “AMORCE NON CHARGEE” making it a dummy. (it has a tinned pin & a cap on the pin, inside)

Here is the box the GG one came in:

Hi Pete and Aaron,

Thanks for the pictures, I had heard of the Reilly one but never seen one.
Specially with the concentrator a great item.

Indeed it looks very similar to the gevelot ones??!!

Aaron, nice box!!