4 gauge/ 4 bore shell?

Gday, another detecting session had turned up a tonne more bullets with a giant shotgun shell base, pictures next to 12 ga for scale the time is 29/30mm and the shaft or most part of the shell is 26mm. With no headstamp

Is this 4 gauge?

If it was from a former military range it could be the base of a very pistol flare case.

Fascinating! It’s not exactly a military base, however pulling tonnes of ADI 80s and 90s rounds

ADI only appears on headstamps from 1991.
Before that it was AFF ( 1988-1990) and MF before 1988.

Change from Government Instrumentalty ( MF) to Public Corporation ( AFF) to partly Foreign owned ( Thales France and Transfield Australia) to Fully Foreign owned ( Thales).
Doc AV

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My bad! I pulled about 250 blank casings out of These spots, a few .303, tonnes of 5.56 and a handful of 7.62x51. (Also quite a few older rounds in another post, however not military related)

The headstamps I’ve come across are
“ADI F3 99”
“P S D 89”
“RI3BK RG 97”
and the most common for the 5.56 was “ADI 93” (with about 90 rounds being found)

For the 7.62 I’ve found “AFF F8 90” and “AFF F8 89”

As for the .303, one blank “MF 58 z67” (not sure if im reading that right)

And another .303, not blank “CAC VI 2 12” which is now the oldest round I’ve ever found!

Regards Hamish

MF 58 L9Z blank. Interesting lot of headstamps you have found.

Oops, was looking upside down!

I love it, I’ve finally started finding some of my bucket list bullets .577/450 martini Henry, .577 Snyder, hexagonal whitworth.

And three rounds im yet to know what they are!

As well as pulled some great late 1800s-early 1900s shotgun bases

And a few .577/450 shells (in horrible crumbled condition)

The L9z blank already ID’d,
R13BK RG 97…Radway Green UK Export 5,56 Blank for Australia;
F3 Aussie Blank 5,56
F8 Aussie Blank 7,62 NATO
PSD Sth Korean Contract 7,62
( Tracer &/or AP) for Australia.

Doc AV

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Can you show a picture of the old
Shotshell bases?

Regards Rene

First photo - ELEY LONDON

Second photo - Top is “E L B” in a shield then ELEY LONDON on the bottom



Fifth photo - U.M.C.CO NEW CLUB

Sixth photo - REM-UMC NEW CLUB


Your third photo should read Gastight

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Thanks for showing them.
That ELB in shield is the nicest one.

Regards Rene

I found a full one this morning! I will attach pictures, appears to be a 1 inch shell