4 Gauge Brass UMC

I just got this empty primed shell and was wondering about it. It is primed and appears (new) never to have been loaded cause the inside is very clean, looks nice and coppery on the head inside. Please see picture…also what are the numbers above No 4 about. The casing is 2 3/16 inches long and made of all brass. Any info is welcome…THANKS I am from North Dakota I tried to post 2 more pics but it would only let me post one.

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These are cut down 4 bore shells which are missing the “bullet” which was tin or nickel plated and basically a hollow cap.

I would wonder if the primer is live, and think not. Do you see an anvil?

For whom they were made for / by I do not know, nor do I know the intended final use.

The primer pocket is raised inside the case maybe an 3/16 of an inch so can see the anvil if it is there, the primer is undented and quite tiny (like small pistol size) Were they cut down at the factory then?

I have no idea if they left the factory in this case length. But it’s too short for a normal 4 bore, for other than a blank loading. A ball-park 4 bore length is 3.75" to 4 inches.

You don’t seem to say if you see an anvil or not & I can’t say I see one in your photo. It’s a standard primer size for these, but if no anvil, it’s just the cap & so inert.

I have seen a 4 gauge yacht gun that was designed to use these cut down 4 gauge shells.

Same thing.
Don’t know what it is for.

IMG_20181029_211837 IMG_20181029_211936

I may be wrong that these were fitted with a “bullet”. I don’t have one in my collection. But thought I’d seen those as I noted above.

If Docdave says those are for a yacht gun, then that is what they are.

The one Krag56 shows seems to have an anvil.

Sorry to mislead you.