4 mile Russian rifle

Not much about the the ammunition, methinks a key factor but FYI

Russian Firm Developing Sniper Rifle for Use Beyond Four Miles


Lobaev Arms claims to have a rifle capable of shooting beyond 7,000 yards. ( Photo: Lobaev )

Russian long-range rifle specialist Lobaev Arms is announcing that they’ve been contracted to produce a new sniper rifle tasked with being effective well outside of 4 miles, seven kilometers to be exact. The contract is with an unnamed foreign agency, not the Russian military.

The rifle to meet the requirements is the Lobaev DXL-5 Havok, chambered for .50 BMG. While 7,655 yards is a stretch even for the renowned long-reaching cartridge, Lobaev says they have special ammunition in development as well.

“The Russian army already has Soviet-era SVD and KORD sniper rifles and don’t need any new ones,” said Vladislav Lobaev, the owner of Lobaev Arms. “We have a foreign contract for the development of a DXL-5 in a .50 BMG caliber and investments on creation of a new generation of ammo that will be able to drastically increase snipers’ capabilities.”

Lobaev says the new ammo technology extends its range over conventional ammunition by around 50 percent. Early reports indicate that the projectiles are moving at extremely high velocities, achieving speeds well over 4,000 feet per second.

The DXL-5 will be the third rifle in the DXL series. ( Photo: Lobaev )

“We’re working on the DXL-5 Havoc project in full swing,” said Lobaev. “We are currently processing the remaining parts of the rifle and are scheduled for shooting tests in November.”

“We created four types of ammo in different calibers,” Lobaev said. “We will test each one of them in November on the DXL-5 platform and choose the two most suited for precision and lethal shooting at such long distances.”

Lobaev did not detail what makes his ammunition unique. It could be the projectile construction, propellant formula, higher-than-standard pressure loading, or a combination of any or all three.

Additionally, the rifles will have to be incredibly precise to reliably put rounds on target at those distances. The DXL-5 Havok will have to be able to shoot groups that are a fraction of a minute of angle in size in order to be effective that far out.

Lobaev Arms produces a number of precision long-range rifles in a wide variety of chamberings, but the DXL-5 Havok project is ambitious, to say the least. While this contract is with a foreign client, Lobaev hopes that the DXL-5 will see wider adoption if it succeeds.

The firm hopes to have the Havoc in full production in February 2022. Pricing is expected to be around $25,000 per rifle package. Visit Lobaev Arms online for more info.

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At the ranges mentioned, even “fraction of minute of angle” ammunition is not sufficient. The main problem is to correct for the real wind conditions. Measuring the correct range is also a real problem because of the required precision (less than a yard unless you are shooting at barn doors).
The above is in my opinion pure marketing babble lacking any substance. Its as unreal as the western announcement of caliber .50 guided projectiles two or three years ago.

Edit: If you need to knock out a target at 7000 yards, use a 120 mm mortar, not some idiot who claims he can reliably hit a target at that distance with his rifle.


I agree with you 100% Absolute rubbish.

Just thought it was interesting someone would actually make a claim like this & expect to be believed

Wait, there was a rifle in that picture?


And it’s going to take a long time to walk out to the target to patch it between shoots…


Who’s walking? These days electronic hit indicator targets WiFi exact hit data to a laptop screen at the bench.
No need to patch out ( targets are self-sealing synthetic compound.)

Doc AV