4 miles sniping rifle in estimated .375 - .416 caliber

Dutch gunsmith Pim de Waard has solved the problem of elevation and scope limits.
You can find his solution at www.dutchlongarms.com/hyperion.

BTW, As far as I know the military has canons and mortars for targets up to 4 mile range. Why does the military need a multi-ten-thousand-dollar rifle?


Well that is a pretty neat mount solution.

Think the problem with mortars, bombs & cannons is the other folk who should not be killed.

Currently, the longest successful engagement in wartime is at 3540 metres in Iraq in May 2017 by a Canadian (JTF-2). Canadian service members also hold records for three of the top five longest confirmed hits. Of note, two of these records have held up for 18 years. I believe the Brit you are referring to is at 2475 metres, the third longest record.

That said, if technology leads us to sniper accuracy out to 6.5 kms (roughly 4 miles), so much the better. But, with Pete’s comment firmly in mind, I wouldn’t be surprised if the platform for extended long range engagement comes through further development of drones as a platform.

Could it be, that the DARPA project known as EXACTO (EXtreme ACcuracy Tasked Ordnance) will be the new sniper rifle? I didn’t look up the range, but if I recall, it utilized a 4" long, .50 BMG, finned, guided round. There are a few videos of it, on YouTube, including one showing hits on a moving target. The sniper would have to continuously hold the laser/reticle on the target, unless they’ve come up with something a little more nifty. It’s a fairly old project.
And if it works well in .50 cal, it can be scaled up to anything.

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Laser guided ‘Fire and Forget’ technology, with GPS built in, coming next?

If so then they would have to decide between laser OR GPS. Both would be kinda cranky. :-)

One of the latest versions of the M982, the Excalibur S, combines INS, GPS, and now laser guidance for the terminal phase. I would imagine that that technology will work itself into smaller and smaller calibers, as technology/engineering catches up.

The ultimate sniper rifle would be what BadgerJack said; Fire and Forget. Having to manually lase a target for up to 8 to10 seconds during a 4 mile shot, puts the scout/sniper team at risk of detection. Then again, a tiny drone could lase the target from a much closer range.

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