4 more interesting cartridges

The two cartridges on the left are copper cased center fire with no H/S. 1st is a .58 cal, 52.98mm long and the other .50 cal by 57.94. Based on my research regarding the 1873 Springfield rifle, these are probably rounds used in the various experiments with the Allin system, leading up to the adoption of the .45-70 round but that is mostly informed speculation.

The hunker (3rd from L) is a display dummy, 45-90 by UMC.
Last is an unmarked .30-40 full-form blank

Feel free to enlighten me with your wisdom. Mine is very scarce with these.

Hey, Cheif…I’ll let the respective experts chime in on the first three…the one on the right is a ".30 Army (.30-40 Krag) Whole Case Blank, Model 1893. To my knowledge, none of these were ever headstamped. The cartridge uses a copper or tinned Cal. 45 (.45-70 ) Rifle primer and is usually loaded with 65 grains of black powder, although smokeless loads are known to exist.


Are the dimensions case length or OAL?

The first could be a 58 US Musket (Berdan).

The second appears to have a Martin primer and is most likely a 50-70.