40-60 Colt,Marlin

This is a board dummy for I assume for one of the cartridges in the title. My question is who made it? The bullet shape doesn’t conform to others in those calibers and the raised ring isn’t as pronounced as UMC cartridges.
Thank You Carolyn


What do the holes in the case look like?

Interesting holes. The punch to hold the bullet is typical UMCCo, and the hole close to it is also found on UMC’s but the large one near the base ? Plus it looks a bit out of line, At any rate I’d think it might be a UMC.case even if the head isn’t quite ‘standard’.
That the bullet is belted doesn’t seem right, but i have a WRACo board dummy showing a slight belt but not this bullet profile. I think I have one of the same but without the belt below, it being Orcott primed.
Any help?

Thank You Pete, I don’t know why someone would go thru the trouble to make this.

Your welcome
Perhaps it came empty & some people just can’t abide an empty case? or?

Looks like a Keith style bullet ie. semi wadcutter, with the “shoulder” to punch a nice clean hole in the (paper) target.