40-65 Ballard Everlasting

I purchased this cartridge as a 40-65 Ballard Everlasting Dummy. Dim: length of case 60.65 mm, head diameter 13.94 mm case diameter 12.10, neck diameter outside11.55 mm. Now the questions the case is Zn plated, the bullet is cast Pb, the primer looks like ??? and there is black powder inside coming out of the primer hole. If it is Everlasting why a dummy?, Why would it be loaded with actual powder?

Some of the Ballard everlasting cases were made to use Berdan primers, and I think this is such a one, tho the primer appears to be missing. Why the case is filled with what looks like (and may be black powder) I couldn’t say. The bullet looks appropriate to the cartridge, but may have been cast decades after the case was made. I suspect the plating on the case is nickel. Jack

Jack so I can assume it is not a dummy but a typical everlasting reload, which they were designed to do, the primer has fallen apart? so appear like a dummy primer? yes it is Ni not Zn thanks vic

It’s a little difficult to be certain on the basis of your image, but the Ballard version of the Berdan primer pocket has a center flash-hole anvil which is rather large in diameter compared to the overall diameter of the pocket. I’m not certain, but from the single example of a Ballard everlasting cartridge case with a Berdan primer pocket in my collection the primer appears to have been smaller in diameter than the standard UMC primer sizes.

Presumably primers were available for the Ballard cases, but I’ve never seen a picture of the primers or of the containers in which they were sold. My guess would be someone had your case, empty and without a primer, and decided to provide it with a bullet and a semblance of a powder charge. In any case, it’s an interesting and uncommon item for the cartridge collector or student of Ballard rifles. Jack

Thanks Jack so i am going on the assumption that the primer fell out and what I have is a loaded round without a primer? Vic

Nature abhors a vacuum and a bunch of cartridge collectors can’t tolerate an empty cartridge case. My guess is someone acquired an empty unprimed everlasting Ballard case, added a powder charge and an appropriate-looking bullet. I’d guess they would have primed it too, but the really-hard-to-find Ballard Berdan primer would have scotched that idea. I wouldn’t worry about it; it looks good as it is, and Ballard everlasting cases adapted to the Berdan primer don’t grow on trees. Jack