.40-70 Sharps straight: introduction date?


Can anyone supply a verifiable introduction date for the .40-70 Sharps straight cartridge? I think a date is given in Cartridges of the World but haven’t a clue as to its reliability. Jack


Jack–The earliest U.M.C. catalog I find the .40-70 Sharps and Remington (Straight) listed is 6 Jan, 1880. My next oldest catalog is 1877 and that lists only the Necked round, not the straight. Barnes says “about 1879”. That is most likely pretty close.


Ron: That’s good enough for me. I noticed Barnes’ “about 1879” and that seemed plausible to me, but I wasn’t sure how much research had gone into his date. I had the feeling it postdated the .40-70 bottleneck. Thanks, Jack