Recently examined a ctg, 40-90 Sharps straight , with hs W.R.A.CO. 40-90 S.S… Did Winchester make this round with other hss?

Orange-That is the only Winchester headstamp I have seen, but there may be others. I don’t claim any great expertise on W.R.A.Co. headstamps. Maybe someone with Dan Shuey’s, Vol. 2 can answer the question. I only have Vol. 1 which only covers up to .38 caliber.

BTW, I ofter see this headstamp listed as “S.S.” meaning “Single Shot”.This is incorrect. It stands for “Sharps Straight”

Vol 2 lists:

40 - 90
(Sharps Necked)
For Sharps Model 1874 Sporting Rifle
Headstamp: W.R.A.Co. 40-90


40 - 90 S.S.
(Straight Shell)
For Remington Hepburn No3 Rifle
Headstamp: W.R.A.Co. 40-90 S.S.
Catalog lists S.S. = Straight Shell

WRACo catalogue of 1891 and 1896 shows the 40-90 with S.S. hs listed as “40-90 Sharps Straight adapted to Winchester Single Shot and Sharps Rifles”.

Armourer–At least we both agree that “S.S.” doesn’t mean “Single Shot”. As Orange pointed out, a number of the W.R.A.Co. catalogs agree with me that it stands for “Sharps Straight”. However in support of you and Dan Shuey, The U.M.C catalogs in the 1880’s used the terms “B.N.” or “Bottle-Necked” and “Straight Shell” though-out their listings for the various Sharps cartridges. But, this was in the catalog, not headstamps. I still think the “S.S.” on Winchester shells means “Sharps Straight”. Note that Winchester did not use “S.S” on Ballard or other “Straight Shells”, but only on the Sharps.

Ron, I have no idea what the correct term is for S.S. I just reproduced word for word what is in Vol 2 with no additions from me :-)