40 and 37mm projectile question


Any Idea what case these belong in? Left is a 40mm APT with a 12 stamped on the base, the other is a 37mm APT And looks like it may have a 1 and A on the base, but hard to tell for sure.




The 37MM looks suspiciously similar to the M80 APT I have for the P-39 gun. An OAL might help narrow things down. My specimen is +/- 4.66"/107mm.
Mine also has a very faint impression on the lower section rotating band:
Base markings: 17 and OB




The projectile is 123 mm in length, no markings on the rotation band.



It did look a bit longer in the picture; wasn’t sure if there might have been distortion or some such. The rotating band and crimp ring are near identical to the M80. Or appear to be.
New WAG: M74




I thought it looked a bit different also. But the rotating bands and lower part of the projectile looks almost identical to yours. The sectioned 37mm TP I have does have M80 stamped on it.




After looking it up I do agree its a M74.



If it is an M74, the case you’d be looking for is an M16 or M17.



NICE collection there! Yes the 37x223R correct?



Yes. Probably for sure.


Now for the 40mm. Projectile, 100mm in length. It came in a 2Pounder brass case, and I not sure it that is where it belongs.



Most likely a 2 pdr. Maybe Mr. A.G. Williams will see this and confirm.


Thanks! HA! Probably for sure? Is that an oxymoron or a SWAG?


“Probably for sure” = Absolutely most likely.


I see…I think…


I don’t know what that is, the only British 40mm AP projectiles I know are longer. The 2pr tank/anti-tank AP shot I have (for the 40x304mm case) measures 130mm long. The AP shot for the Vickers S 40mm aircaft gun (for the 40x158R case) is about 160mm long. There may be others that I don’t know of.



By the way, got similar AP-T sample, but it differs from these shown here…




UK 40 mm AP looks like?


Welcome here PanzerFausteR!

I think the one in the link above is a British 40x305R 2pdr AP-T.