.40 bsa


I found a .40 BSA round, which had been inerted by the previous owner.

It is headstamped “- ELEY - 40 B.S.A”.

It has a CNCS FMJ solid bullet and a black primer annulus.

Did I find something good here?


Yes, you did. I have been trying to find one for several years.



Wow! Sounds like a great find there. Congrats!



I have never heard of such a cartridge and an internet search hasnt revieled any imformation. Could you please educate me and the others about this round?


Are we talking about a pistol cartridge or a hunting rifle cartridge?

The hunting rifle cartridge .40 BSA is number 715 in this catalog.

The closest thing I know of in a pistol cartridge is .39 BSA…

Or are we talking about something else entirely…


Here is a drawing of the .40 B.S.A. from the book “British Sporting Rifle Cartridges” by Bill Fleming


Yes, we are talking about the hunting rifle cartridge.

I will almost certainly be putting this cartridge up for sale sometime.


See also the .400 H&H Mag in C of TW which I think is the same cartridge renamed by BSA for their range of rifles. But don’t quote me on that. If I am right its actually a .416.
I believe the doner cartridge is the .375 necked up. Perhaps you could get the calipers out and check that for us Falcon.
Nice find though. Congratulations. I’ll be coming to have a look at that.


Is there any history of the cartridge in Bill Fleming’s book?


Vince–No. The book only lists the companies that made each English cartridge, a picture, the headstamps found on it and the dimensions. No text about the cartridges at all. The book is basically a checklist of what is available in English cartridges. It was published by George Hoyem as a add-on to his Vol. 3, “British Sporting Rifle” in the “History and Development of Small Arms Ammunition” series. It is the same great quality as the rest of George’s books and runs 311 pages.


I’ve been doing some research on this from the BSA end. Rather, I have been trying to unsucessfully. From my limited attempts I am starting to wonder if any rifles were ever actually made in this calibre by BSA. Probably a few but nothing of any significance.

The suggestion, made by me, that its a clone of the .400 H&H Mag is strengthened the more I think about it but even that is slightly odd because BSA and H&H are not two companies I would have immediately linked in this way.