.40 Maynard

I need help ID’ing this. The neck is .40 inch, and it is a 3 component cartridge. I think the projectile is cut or modified. All Maynard images show a pointed bullet. What actually holds the cartridge body to the rim?

Mr. sks you can find these M-65 Maynard’s with both brass rivets and copper rivets (helping) holding it together but most commonly without a rivet & just the solder holding it together.

yes the bullet is wrong, fooled with, or mutilated, take your pick.

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Pete: Would not the majority of surviving Maynard large rim rounds (excluding, probably, the .50 carbine) have been reloaded? I don’t like that bullet at all and would probably toss it, but the case looks like a 170 year old metallic object ought to. Jack

Hi Jack
Even the .50’s were offered as new empties, so yes, very probably reloaded. But still it should have either of the two Maynard bullet shapes to be “right”.
I agree & were it mine I’d also get rid of the lead bit.