40 mm Bofors APDS (40/24 mm slpprj m/49)

So i thought it might be worth starting a thread about this shell.

The shell in question is called 40/24 mm spårljuspansarprojektil (slpprj) m/49 and is a Swedish developed armor piercing discarding sabot projectile (APDS) with tracer for the 40 mm Bofors L/60 and L/70. Its historical use is generally unknown but it seems it was meant for use on the Lvkv fm/43 anti air tanks for self defense. Does anyone here havy anything on this shell? The same core (24 mm) was also used for the 37 mm Bofors anti tank gun as the 37/24 mm slpprj m/49.


I wish I knew more about this. Really unusual design and totally new to me. I hope someone has more information on.


i m curious to know how this shell is crimped to the case ?
i think i see a crimp groove immediately behind the rotating band but the shell wouldn’t well stay right ?

I may well be wrong but most of this type of fanged projectiles I’m aware of are crimped in to the case by a roll crimp over the outer edge of the widest flange. At least in the smaller bore sizes.
A most unusual & very interesting projectile.

So i went through some old docs related to the Lvkv VEAK 40 and it apparently had a velocity of around 1200 m/s when shot from the Bofors 40 mm l/70, so a 40x364R. According to a xcel table it have it has 117 mm of pen at 500 m. I don’t remember if its calculated or taken from a source.