40 mm Flash ball


Aluminium case for police
Plastic case for private citizen


Are those re-usable? I take it is is a blank 12 Bore cartridge in the base. Are they used by civilians for self defense?


They are not re-usable (we have money in France, despite the fact these shells are very expansive !!!)
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I’m sure it could be reloaded, how much are the shells? Can anyone buy the flash-ball gun freely? You say it is better than nothing, I don’t fancy being hit by one of those things.


I wouldn’t fancy being hit by one either, Falcon; the manufacturer claims that these are equivalent to being hit by a 38 Special. I have my doubts on that, but they make at least two different styles of launchers for these rounds: flash-ball.com/pages-us/i_fb_super-pro.htm