40 mm L60, EMGEPRON; Brazil. Circa 2021

40 mm L60, EMGEPRON; Bazil. Circa 2021.pdf (3.1 MB)

Quote: “The Empresa Gerencial de Projetos Navais - EMGEPRON is a state owned company linked to the Ministry of Defence of Brazil through the Command of the Navy”

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And again, thank you for sharing all these!
It is impossible to find all these things without other people (like you)!

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What is the gun shown in the photo in the document?

It is not a Bofors automatic cannon. Were there any manually loaded guns made in this calibre, or is it a stock photo of something else?

It also refers to this calibre as semi-fixed with adjustable propelling charge. The photo shows the projectiles crimped into the cases. I have never read about the existence of semi-fixed Bofors ammunition before.

It is a 3"/50 on a brazilian navy monitor Parnaiba.


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