40 S&W CCI Blazer... I'm back

Hi All,
I have been away from cartridge collecting and the forum for several months and I have to make up for lost time… many past threads to read…

Anyway, I am now reorganizing my collection in my new house and found an aluminium cased 40 S&W by Blazer ( hds CCI N R 40 S&W) that is boxer primed. I have several blazer cartridges with aluminium “no reloadable” case but never seen one of these ones with a boxer primer.
Was there a period when Blazer loaded these ammo with boxer primers?

Welcome back !

i can’t give a date as to when this happened, but CCI decided it was the thing to safely do plus I’d think as easier case to manufacture, as these Boxer primers are a small size & not available to the public for reloading.

Hi Pete, so actual production has boxer primers? They still show berdan primed cases in their website

Pivi - I don’t think it was intended that the public know about the switch from Berdan to Boxer primer types in the aluminum cases. They are not safe to reload. I know people from CCI that think the change over, regardless of the reason, was an unwise thing that may come back to haunt them some day. Of course, anyone familiar with ammunition and primer types that simply looks into an empty case can normally tell the difference. Another miscalculation, in my view and shared by some others far more “in the know” than am I.

The only saving grace that may prevent some future ammunition failure from reloading these cases is, as Pete correctly pointed out, is the primer size. Since many things “not offered to the public” end up in public hands for one reason or another, that is a very thin preventative measure, however.

John M.