.40 S&W Early Olin Box


I am at the Smith & Wesson Collectors Association Annual Symposium. A member here has for sale a white box of .40 S&W 180 grain JHP. See the pic below. The box is empty. The seller told me that this ammo was developed by Olin in the late 1980s at the request of S&W for their forthcoming .40 S&W line of pistols. He said he had seen two other identical boxes, both of which has cases that had no headstamp information. Another thing I thought odd was that the box was for only 40 cartridges rather than 50. I wonder was the E.O.5178 reference is to…Experimental Order??

Here is an image I took of the box.


The early .40 S&W made by Olin did not have a headstamp, so he is correct & were made with I think two bullet types or weights?
John Moss can elaborate (I only have one version) and I think there is a old thread here which discusses it.

Sorry but I can’t help with the box code.

NEAT box …

Very neat! Thanks for sharing that photo with us!

“EO” is “Experimental Order”.