.40 s&w "*i*" id

Here a .40 S&W hs I was asked to ID.
Anybody who knows who made this case?

Just received a message telling me the “I” stand for:
“Independence”, owned and operated by ATK

Yes, the “I” stands for Independence brand but the case/ammo was made by Speer. Independence brand cases and ammo were also made by Brazil’s CBC and Federal. Below, left to right, are CBC, Speer, and Federal “I” headstamps.
One quick way to differentiate are if the stars point toward the primer – Speer; if pointing outward – CBC or Federal. CBC will have their brass primers, Federal will have a dot at 9:00 and a nickel-plated Federal, illustrated, or CCI primer. Speer will have the nickel-plated CCI primer, illustrated.

dArtagnan, excellent info! Thanks a lot!