.40 s&w "p-a" id

Another one to ID is this .40 S&W “P-A”.
Anybody who knows the manufacturer this case?

I just got a message telling me that “P-A” stands for:
“Precision Ammunition LLC’” of Tampa, FL.

Look inside the case. Is there a ring or rise around the flash hole? Compare that ring or rise with those found in Federal, S&B, and MFS cases. If no ring, is the base rounded, also called parabolic, like Italian Fiocchi cases. Also comparing the primer, missing, with known specimens will probably help with identification.

dArtagnan this one here still has a bullet seated and I was allowed to handle it for a moment so can not go any further with taking it apart.

Is there maybe a chance to ID the manufacturer by the hs script?

OK, first, when I look at your photo I see a primer pocket with very little rounding at the edge, which is typical of European-made cases. None of my few P-A headstamped 40 S&W cases match yours, so looking inside mine is useless. Stylistically, however, your “.40 S&W” part matches recent Geco and RWS headstamped 40 S&W cases. The boxes the RWS came in state “Made in Hungary”. These Geco and RWS cases have a flattened rise around the flash hole like that found in MFS and LC (Hungarian) 40 S&W cases, although the MFS/LC cases have somewhat different style “S” and “W” in “S&W”. So I conclude that your case was POSSIBLY made in Hungary by MFS.

Looking at MFS headstamped cases the font is somewhat different but that I assume is a question of time untill bunter and font designs change within a factory.

Do you happen to have an image of those Hungarian MFS made “LC” cases? Did these come in boxes with Hungarian proof house marks or were only cases supplied to the US?

P-A was a firm in Florida that sold almost entirely to LE. I spoke to them a number of times to get examples of their ammo. About 5 or 6 years ago they had a hard time buying their cases in the US so the last batch of P-A cased in 9mm were made by RUAG. During this business deal, RUAG liked what they saw in P-A and their copper matrix frangiable bullet so RUAG made them an offer they couldn’t refuse and bought P-A, but kept the management in place. They then began using RWS headstamps and are today RUAG USA. Their earliest ammo was remanufactured cases, then US made then RUAG made.


Interesting background Lew! Thank you for the details!