.40 S&W Winchester Ranger 180gr FMJ, WMA 2013 hdst, Q4356

.40 S&W, reduced lead 180gr FMJ flat tip bullet, Q4356, WMA 13 (Winchester Oxford, Mississippi plant, 2013).

Since these have a dated headstamp I assume these are contract overruns, any idea who the contract was for with the 2013 date?

Can anyone provide or direct me to a cross sectional diagram of the Winchester reduced lead bullet?



That looks like standard packaging for Winchester LE ammo made for American police departments (basically, in this country, a commercial sale with some exceptions. By that, I mean it is probably an LE Catalog item available to sale to any LE Agency in even relatively small amounts. It is not unusual lately for LE ammo in America to have dated headstamps, and in the case of Winchester ammunition made in the Mississippi plant, not even unusual to have the basic headstamp show, at least in 9 mm, .40, and .45, found in commercial boxes in retail gun shops.

None of that means that is can’t also be found in foreign police contracts, although I don’t know any at the moment, which again, of itself means nothing
as I can’t keep track of this stuff like I used to.

My Google-fu is usually pretty weak, but in addition to a dozen commercial online for sale links, I found a DOJ (FBI) contract dated 2012 for this stuff.

All the nomenclature about the bullet lists ‘encap’ or ‘encapsulated’, so Im assuming the bullet is completely jacketed a la Speer’s TMJ Lawman pills or the Fiocchi JHP stuff with the copper end-plate over the exposed lead.

John & Mwinter,

Thank you both for your responses, much appreciated (I was delayed in replying due to work & ice storm problems).

Mwinter do you by chance have the web page address showing the contract?



govtribe.com/contract/award/djf … djfa2de067

government-contracts.insidegov.c … FJFBI12220

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Thank you very much for the internet links!