400/360 Purdey or W.Richards?

What’s the difference among cartridges 400/360 Purdey and 400/360 Westley Richards? And also another variant - Fraser, Evans …? These cartridges are interchangeable? I do not cafe for ballistic differences, but it, whether are cartridges usable in different chambers. It is possible use cartridges Purdey in arms from Westley Richards and below? How is it with modern production these cartridges and with their by using? Further information?



James Purdey 40 grains of powder, 300 grain bullet rim is thin .045-050
Westley Richards 41 grains of powder, 314 grain bullet and rim is .055-060
Daniel Fraser had 40 rain powder, 289 grain “ratchet” bullet and thin rim like Purdey
William Evans had 40 grains powder , 300 grain bullet thin rim like Purdey but shorter case.
Bullet diameters vary and the LOADS are NOT interchangeable.

Simon, Thanks.

How is long cartridge case for William Evans?. Have various diameter bullets influence on it to the what arms are use it? Purdey in of my collection has bullet diameter 0,366" and other cartridge for which I don’t know exact terms determination variant has bullet diameter 0,359". Determination.These differences to be quite big - as with German bullets in calibre 8 mm . What diameter bullets use for different manufacturers? Or diameter bullets hasn’t for using any influence?