.402 Enfield-Martini


Does anyone have any detailed info. on the .402 Enfield-Martini round ?
Was it a necked -down .577.450 or a completely new case ?
Does anyone have one ? A photo would be good
Apparently all the approx. 62000 Mk. IV E-M rifles were never issued in .402,
but converted back to .577/.450 & presumedly what ever ammunition was in stock was destroyed.
Dave Blomfield


.4 ENFIELD AMMO IMAGES FROM George Hoyem’s “History and development of small arms ammunition”, which you and evey ammo collector should own. Armory Publications.


Thanks, CSAEOD.
A most elegant looking cartridge & I guess the last BP military round adopted by a major power, already outdated by the 8mm Lebel in 1886.
Now all I have to do is find one !
Dave B.


When you find that full pack of ten Dave, send one over to me please!



A beautiful and rare cartridge. Good luck.