.404 Jeffrey & .404 Vickers

Could someone please confirm if these two are the same cartridge by a different name, or are they different.



“The .404 Jeffery received its due in John ‘Pondoro’ Taylor’s famous African Rifles and Cartridges , in which he states “The Game Warden of Tanganyika (now Tanzania) who started his hunting career shooting buffalo for their hides in Portuguese East (now Mozambique) with a rifle of this caliber, found it so entirely satisfactory that he has armed all of his native game scouts in the Elephant Control Department with Vickers’ .404 magazine rifles.” If that doesn’t prove the worthiness of the .404 Jeffery, I don’t know what would.”

The inference appears to be that, the; “Vickers .404 magazine rifles,” used the “.404 Jeffery.”

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