405 Winchester BASIC

I have a 405 Winchester BASIC case by Bertram Bullets, 3 1/4" long.

I think that very few obsolete american cartridges have the same base and rim diameter as the 405 Winchester,and most of them such as the 30-40 Krag are easily obtainable today.Still I don’t know why to produce a 405 BASIC , it would be more helpful the 40 Sharps BASIC , like the Falcon’s 40 - 90 sample . Are there any other obsolete and obscure cartridges that can be made from the 405 BASIC and that are not available today? Bertram also makes 405 Winchester brass with the standard lenght


There are quite a few 405 Winchester rifles still being used today and original ammunition and emptry cases are very expensive when you can find them. It makes sense for Bertram to produce new cases. During that process it would cost them nothing to also produce lengthened brass, so they do. They must have a market for it otherwise they wouldn’t do it. Bertram is not the only company that makes them.

There are a few of the old black powder cartridges that can be made from the 405 Basic but I would guess that the biggest market for the cases comes from the elite of the shooting fraternity - wildcatters.