408 Chey Tac


Here is an interesting cartridge: 408 Chey Tac Jamison. Very pointy. I did not know it existed.


I believe there have been two different headstamps so far and perhaps a third? I’ve only seen the variation I have in the collection.


I have the .408 Chey Tac (which stands for Cheyenne Tactical) with this headstamp, which was made for Jameson International. It has a 420 gr. special nickel copper alloy bullet. My other one one is headstamped .408 C.T. TTI, for TTI Armory with a 400 gr. special match bullet. I think there is at least one more headstamp, but I’m not sure what it is.


.408 Chey Tac XM - 2


Here is a link to the compay web site that makes the gun, the Inervention.


The cartridge is a .505 Gibbs necked to .408. The cartridge was developed by T.H.E.I.S., LLC. (Tactal High Energy Impact Systems, LLC)

Links at the above site will take you to T.H.E.I.S. for the whole story.


Hammer–Who makes the round with the XM-2 headstamp. I assume this is for the military sniper rifle. What country?


These XM-1 and XM-2 are original “experimental series” ammos


OK. Is there a headstamp with XM-1? Again, do you know what country?




Ron, that one with the XM2 headstamp (408 Chey-Tac XM-2) was made for a US-Company by Huelsen-Horneber at Fuerth/Stadeln in Germany. He also made an other one with NO hs, but with a larger primer pocket, to take a .50 primer…
I have some dupes (empty cases and bullets only/loaded ones I cannot ship)
He also made the first .500 Phantom cases with headstamp and some more for other US-Companies…In the older days usually Dangerous Dave brought special cases from him into th US. He also remade the 13mm german Panzerbuchse case of WW1…and specially for Dangerous Dave in 12,7mm, as the 13mm was/is forbidden in the PRC (Peoples Republic of California)

Most of the socalled Westley Richards ammo of newer make, comes also from his bench, as he made most of the Cases for Werner Romey who signed his Cartrdiges with WR (the same he used for Westley Richards ammo).As exemple the .500Rafiki or the huge 700/577 comes from him and was loaded by Romey…

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these are the two 408CT’s in my collection:

I’ve never seen a XM-1 hs.


The .408 C.T. TTI case is made by Bertram Brass of Australia. Wether your example was loaded by him I can’t say but he did make that headstamp.


The USMC has bought a small number of CheyTac rifles in .408 for evaluation purposes. They have a requirement for a sniper rifle which can reach out to 1,100-1,500m.