40M Lot#2027 dummy cartridge help

My dad has this cartridge & has no history or knowledge of it. Any help would be appreciated!

Looks like a 40mm bofors case.

Can you tell me anything about it? Use, gun, era?

Welcome aboard Rusty.

Interesting! Thank you! Now he’s asking if there’s any worth to it or just an interesting keepsake?

Collectors like them, both cartridge collectors and people interested in WW2 history or even later as that cartrdgde was used well after Vietnam in the USAF AC-130 gunships. The one in the photo was made as a dummy, not just a salvaged projectile stuffed into a fired case. I see them selling between $35 and $100 depending on condition and exactly what the target market is. Nice souvenirs, in any case.

Thank you all for helping a non-cartridge person!