Does anyone has a photo of the AVROC gun handy? I can’t find mine.

What is that? It looks like it was made s a form of underwater ordnance?

This is for the first US grenade rifle. There may have only been one made. I have a good photo of it but can’t lay hands on it. It was also published in one of the early “Ordnance” magazines.

I only found out so far that Eric Prokosch is related to that somehow. Prokosch made lots of 40mms and is related to anti personell ammo.
Unfortunately I haven’t found out more (and even hope that the little is correct). Seems to be a very interesting issue.

I have this all on one of my auction tapes but still have not figured out how to take up the stills from tape.

Hmmmm. That thing looks pretty familiar considering it’s sitting in front of me on the desk next to my computer. It’s the very same one that was bought from your auction about 10-15 years ago. I also have a still photo of the AVROC launcher somewhere around here but it’s in my den, which looks a lot like yours, but less organized. I’ll take a look tonight and see if the photo can be found and scanned.

Do you have any history on this particular round you can reveal? I know AVCO did a lot of research in small rockets but have very little else on company history or products. Thanks.

I wondered just where that went. All I know about it is on the auction tape which you have. Good luck finding it. Post it when you do. Thanks.

I’m still looking but can’t find my photo of the 40mm AVROC launcher yet. Until I do, here are a few additional images of the rocket projectile with the initiator cartridge/breech seal. From the rear, the primer and propellant cup area looks very similar to a standard M118 40mm grenade case but it lacks the high pressure containment cup of the normal high/low pressure system used in the family of 40mm rounds.

Thank you.

Really interesting item!

Only one known so far.

Evidently, there were three AVROC systems evaluated in the 1966 SAWS studies: 5-20, 8-20, and 25-40. However, these were just computer studies with other experimental weapons like the SPIW, Gyrojet, and Universal Machine Gun.

Here are some Avco patents related to rocket-boosted ammunition and related weapons. There is even one for use in existing weapons like the M79.



Sweet research! I saved some of those detailed drawings from that link.