40mm Bofors Anti-Aircraft

I have a 40mm Bofors and I’m not sure if it is a dummy or not.
It is head stamped 40MM M25BI W.& M.-1-1945
The projectile is painted gray with a yellow stripe and WP (white phosphorus)
The fuse looks like Bakelite and is stamped “FUSE DUMMY T34”
There is nothing inside the projectile.
The projectile is tight in the case and there are no holes in the case.
I have no way to tell if there is a powder charge in the case or if this is a live primer or a plug.
Any input would be appreciated
Thanks, Bob

IMG_0184 IMG_0186 IMG_0185

The cartridge case looks like a steel case that was used on dummy rounds for training. This is an AA round, so the WP marking is false.


T34 was the prior model number of the M69 dummy fuze. You can find more here…

Thanks for the information.
It is a steel case and it does look like a copper rod in place of a primer.

Cartridge case head photo rotated 180 deg.


Red arrow is pointing to what is probably a threaded rod held in place by a round slotted nut which is staked in place at 90 deg. intervals.


Thanks for the great information.
I have labeled the shell and placed a copy everything in the projectile so whoever ends up with it someday will know what it is.

M25 Drill with M25B1 case:



I’m assuming the assembly in the case (running from primer up to the projectile) is there to add the correct weight to simulate a real round?

And to keep the projectile attached to the cartridge case.