40mm Bofors of Doehler-Jarvis Corp


I drove through Batavia, NY and stopped at this local museum. Inside there were 2 presentation cartridges of Doehler-Jarvis Corp. How does the headstamp look? I couldn’t see since they were mounted.

At its peak during the mid-20th century, the Doehler-Jarvis Company (1908-1998) was the largest producer of die-cast metal in the world. The Toledo-based manufacturer had factories in Toledo, Ohio; Pottstown, Pennsylvania; and Batavia, New York, and was renowned during the 1950s and 1960s for creating a variety of metal products, including automotive parts like engine bearings and decorative hood ornaments for car manufacturers like Willys-Overland, Packard, Ford, and General Motors.


Vlad, their code was “DJC”.
I just can’t tell if it was used on the 40mm cases then. Maybe a 40mm collector can look up his specimen?


Thanks, Alex.