40mm Bofors Vehicle Mount

I was deleting some temporary internet files on my computer and noticed this picture. I have no idea where I got it at. It looks like they are firing the Navy type HE-I-T-SD rounds. Does anyone know the name of the vehicle and the time frame the picture was taken (Viet Nam?)?

Phil, this is a M42 “Duster” basing on the M41 “Walker Bulldog” chassis.
It has seen wide use in Vietnam and was successfull in the ground support role. The German Bundeswehr used it as well. The ammo visible on the image looks like the regular one used in WWII already.
The M42 is one of my favourites!

Here some info:
globalsecurity.org/military/ … nd/m42.htm



And here a “walk around”:
primeportal.net/tanks/marcel … /index.php

Thanks for the info and links. I’ve worked on and fired (as the Mk51 Director operator) the Navy 40’s but never had a chance to examine the Army version.