40mm L/60 mk3 steel case, questions

What color should this case be? Was it repainted? (sorry, thought it was mk2 earlier)
Headstamp “40 MM-MK 3” and "45 CL-RV "

Here’s another MK3 I have… I’m guessing it should be this color.
Headstamp "40 MM-MK 3 " and “BPD LOT 22 11 56”
Who is BPD if not Italian?

How about the 40mm Mk2 HE projectile with SD tracer?

Yes, Bombrini Parodi Delfino,
Colleferro, for Marina Militare
(1956). By this time Italian Navy outfitted with newships, and new
(Bofors) AA guns.
Doc AV

And plenty of contract production for the US.

Is the green correct?

I do not think so (and never saw). Appearance should be like US made steel cases.

Who was CL-RV? (Where’s the best place to look these up?)

I found this on BOCN. Is this the usual color for steel cases? greenish lacquer?

The Italian cases I saw made for the US were all chromated or cadmium plated. Means they were greyish-silverish.

Hi Jesse, it was manufactured by Conlon Corp., Cicero, Illinois. They made cases with different finishes, but not sure about this one. Can you post a picture of the headstamp?

The Italian case is a US contract; if you take a closer look you may find remnants of the loading markings below the shoulder.



Fede, what exactly is the factory code here “CL-GHB” or only part of it?
Can not find it in the usual lists.

Manufacturer’s initials are just “CL”, the rest is the Navy inspector.

Fede, thanks, in the 1999 list the “CL” is already differently assigned.