40mm Magazine?

Just got through watch the trailer for the soon to come out movie “Midway”. In the middle of the film clip there was a sailor placing “box shaped magazines” of 40mm ammo into an anti-aircraft gun. Looks like it holds more than the 4 round clip I’m used to seeing. Anyone familiar with this information?

Tom, how about a screenshot of that or a link to the movie + time data.

There is a sort of box looking cover which was used to cover the feed opening on the gun when not in use.
In movies they often use old footage they think looks like what they want to portray but do not have a clue about what is actually going on. It could have been a few seconds of one film spliced together with others, so you have a guy covering up a gun at the end of firing in the midst of firing sequences.
Believe very little of what you see in the movies.

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Capture from the trailer:

Looks like a mock-up of a 1.10" clip.


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Pretty much what I thought when I read the first thread.

Thanks guys! Can’t wait to see the movie when it comes out. I was stationed on Midway 68-69. 1 1/2 wide x 2 1/2 miles long. Lot of history about that place. Turning point of the Pacific war.

Recommend changing the title of this thread.
These are the U.S. Navy 1.1 inch AA gun, not the ubiquitous 40mm Bofors which replaced most of them.
See the great NavWeaps site for more info on these.

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