Has anyone seen any other loads for the 40mm METALSTORM beside these TP spotters ?

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NO, and you arenot likely to see any others either. The company had is annual sharegholders meeting last week in Brisbane ( reported in the Financial papers) and with an accumulated Loss of $US 88 Million Dollars, and a share price of 3-4 Cents ( initial launch price with premium some ten years ago was 55 cents, went up with speculation to some $3.40 maximum when the launched a lot of "wannabee " projects ( electronic gun lock, Missile phalanxe system etc, and conned both the USDoD and several other US companies into investing Millions, they have not produced one gun except for mock up prototypes, and the latest one was a multi shot ( electronic fire) four shot GL tube to fit an M16…ie, when you have fired your four shots, you are rooted. ( at least with a 203, you can keep reloading as long as you have shells ( and a good 203 gunner usually carried about 15 or 20, and his mates carry more).
They are hopping from one project to another, so much so that their barrel makers(on the earlier multi-shot MG projects, gave up, sold their shares, and took their losses (I knew them well, their successors still make MG barrels for me in my Movie Work)

Everybody in the stockmarket world regards them as a Joke,a “ponzi sytem” to soak up money from unsuspecting wannabee Military investors…anybody with a simple knowledge of Ordnance History knows that Leonardo Da vinci discovered/invented all the principles of Multiple Gunfire back in the 1500s…
Volley fire, multicharge, multi-barrels, sequential fire etc…all doomed with one problem…once discharged, it is slow and difficult (if not impossible) to reload them ( even in Black powder days)…think about now, with multiple electronic and liquid propellant firing systems… is any infantryman going to carry half a dozen pre-loaded tubes as extra weight to exchange in their M16 in a close encounter firefight, with the possililty that one stray bullet will ignite not just one shell/grenade, but four at once…
Its no wonder that the inventor ( so called) of all these was a grocery supermarket manager with No gun savvy at all before he got into this "business’…even the Chinese have been deceived by this “system” and offered to buy him out lock stock and barrell…but now have retracted, and saner minds have prevailed in China.

I am even tempted to buy some shares ( enough to consider it “gambling entertainment money” – as I used to do at the Casino of Montecarlo when I was a student…once spent, you walk out. If you win ( as I did with my future wife, once), we paid our vacation and then went. But the House is always ahead ( and the suckers (big and small) won’t see that.

They are again asking for a further $20 Million contribution from shareholders to pay or rollover debentures due in September, otherwise they Fold and go under…not too soon, I would say.

So don’t take much notice of their “promotional material”…I can do smoke and mirrors with SFX just as good as them, maybe better ( we do in a lot of films, anyway.) and easier with better results… if you want to go back to “once-fire Volley guns” of the Middle ages and the wars of religion ( 1600s) well and good, I can supply a stack of water pipe and black powder with sequential fuses…even a simple open Powder train;

But I will always trust my belt-fed Browning or MG3 any time…
".pass the ammo, Gridley, and fire when they show the whites of their eyes"…

Enough ranting ( so called)
regards, Doc AV
AV Ballistics
Brisbane, Australia.

Sounds like your enthusiasm is on the decline. Who made this?

Would not have a clue…looks like 40mmor 35(Soviet) GL launcers, but the “Echidna” underneath (tracked radio controlled robot) could be any of a dozen countries. (Echidna: ( spiny anteater, Aussie) is a very early EDI ( an Aussie Engineering co, dating back to shipbuilding and Locomotive construction days of the 1890s) developments, mostly using a singe barrel gun (12ga Browning ) for IED disruption and “door breaching”.

The concept has been extended to active battlefield use, with improved electronics, even a modicum of "AI ( artificial Intelligence) Computer systems.

Whether those GL tubes are “Metal-Stormish” or not, I can’t tell…but the problems remain, reloading thsese little toys (if they survive the first assault) is a bit of a No-brainer under battlefield conditions ( a bit like Soviet anti-tank Dogs on the Russian front…use once and replace. ( if they survive, shoot them for cowardice ( NKVD solution for soldiers as well–Stalingrad, especially, and elsewhere)

And just for the record, I have NEVER been an enthusiast of MS…ever…

Seeing as I witnessed the earliest protoptypes being manufactured by my barrel maker friends workshops, and even contested the so called “patents” on the designs, whilst doing Patent and Trademark law at Law School ( the Husband of my Patents Law lecturer was the prime Patent Attorney for MS…How he got around Leonardo’s “prior skill and Knowledge” beats me…probably because Leonardo da Vinci didn’t register a “British recognised letters patent” with Henry VIII or Elizabeth I ( who was considered the “mother” of English Patent Law.). Anyway, despite heated disagreement with my lecturer ( in open disputation in class,) I still passed my patents law exam…maybe my line of argument showed I was “inquiring” enough to meet the criteria of Patent Knowledge search…who knows??

But subsequent “shenanigans” in the whole business, and the usually correct and probing Financial Jopurnal reports on “Extra US investment ( share price up) and downturns i prototypes, or losses (share prices down…really bottoming out.”…it is a wonder they have not been suspended from the Stock Exchange…but I suppose like speculative Mining Exploration shares, they are allowed to come and go…Caveat Emptor!! ( ie, let the Suckers beware).

Doc AV
AV ballistics Technical Services.

BTW, if they do go belly up, we will be there at the Liquidators clearing sales, to buy any working prototypes for our “Futuristic Movie ( Sci-Fi”) productions…such as the likes of Star Trek or other fantasy scripts…as they are sometimes produced in Australia ( “Pitch black”, “Time trax” and several other Sci-Fi TV productions etc.etc…With our SFX knowledge of making things “Go” for the Movie Illusion, we will make then function 150%…No sweat, mate…( for the cameras at least…All Theatre is Illusion…

I think we should leave this thread from here, Moderator, as it impinges on Financial and also Political discussions, which are NOT the Purview of our Board…


The photo above is the Metalstorm 40mm tested at Picatinny Arsenal a couple of years ago. The cartridges above came from this test and this gun. It was well received. As you noted reloading is a problem but with the camera real time guidance it is quite an effective weapon in a number of situations including cave intrusions. It has worked well there. If Metalstorm did not make it I am wondering who did. It is certainly their baby.