40mm MK2 11-43 M81A

I have inherited what appears to be a spent brass case and projectile with the Copper Rifling Collar intact/unfired. The head stamp includes a Triangle with an uppercase letter L inscribed and an Anchor symbol with uppercase AL to the right of the Anchor symbol.
The projectile Rifling Collar is stamped with the following: LOT - TOTP-3-116-1944-40MM M81 A 8 and appears to have a steel jacket on the Cap. The body and cap are Black in color and the body appears to be Lead.
The Base of the projectile has a 0.5" dia hole about 1.0" deep and stamped with 86.
Please help me identify all the details of this 40mm Round. See pictures below.
Thank you,

Here is another picture of the case w/projectile. -paul

I do not know to much about large cal Ammo but this one I am sure of is a 40mm Bofors
Anti Aircraft round,the reason I know is I have a nicely marked empty case like the one
you in the picture,problem is I am looking for an ball projectile and cannot find one you are
lucky to have both.I find this strange indeed that during the war there must have been millons
fired of those,one can find all kind of projectiles but not one of those,on one of the shows I had
seen one of these with a home made projectile

I’ve got a 40mm case just like this. Still looking for an inert projectile. My head stamp reads 40MM - MK3 7-45 CL-RV large printing on the side of the steel case reads UG-162-HA-54 These 40mm cartridges were responsible for shooting down 30% of all the Japanese Zero fighters in WW2. Tom in MN

Sherryl, actually there is no “ball”.
You may mean a TP or an AP if you are speaking of a proj. not containing explosives.

Hi Paul,

The case was made by Lyon, Inc. of Detroit, Michigan, and the M81 projectile by Tokheim Oil Tank and Pump Company of Fort Wayne, Indiana.



Thank you Sherryl,
Good luck, I hope you find a ball projectile.
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Hello Tom,
Thank you for responding. This my first collectable piece and I don’t know the difference between MK2 and MK3. It’s great to hear the history.
Thanks again and take care,

Hello EOD,
Does the stamping on my projectile indicate something other than an explosive projectile?
LOT - TOTP-3-116-1944-40MM M81 A 8
I am very new to collecting and understanding all the markings.
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Hello Fede,
I am definitely taking notes. Thank you for all the great information.
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Sheyyyl Is this the projectile you’re looking for?

Ahre, your’s here is a solid steel AP. No explosives there.

Wow! I am speechless!

Thank you EOD,
I’m assuming my projectile is a tracer round. At the very bottom of the 1/2" diameter hole in the base of the projectile is a brown dot slightly smaller than the hole diameter. It looks like a dried smooth dot of paint. Any thoughts that would explain the material at the bottom of this 1" deep hole?
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Of course it is an AP-T load, so the compound you see there is a pyrotechnical composition.

Thank you EOD, I sincerely appreciate your help. Take care, -paul

The tip of that projectile looks… weird

Jess, it looks like what it is, a rock drill-bit!

Hello Jes, fyi the projectile is not fully seated. It’s resting on top of the crimp. Normally the copper rifling ring would be in contact with the case neck. -paul

I was talking about the CDVS projectile