40mm multipellet m79

Antipersonnel loads went through a lot of development for the M79. Here are 4 rare experimentals.

Top left , AAI silenced,plastic case shot
Top right , experimental flechette cannister
Bottom left , disposable .22rf
bottom right , reloadable .22rf

Super interesting. It is amazing how varied this type of 40MM ammunition is. Some very good cutaways.

Very interesting.

very interesting
Ididn’t know they test 40 mm low velocity with darts ,they produce a high velocity for AGL
I saw many model for fired 22 LR or 12 gauge but I don’t think is for military use.

There were many flechettes designs for the 40mm and there is a new one on line now.

do you know the firm or the name of the ammunition?

Officially known as the M1000 HV (high velocity) Canister Cartridge

Made by General Dynamics OTS in Marion IL, fully type classified and safety released

Here is some general info on the

I will post some photos later

I think the grenade show in the picture with darts it a low velocity the case is the same longuer than the buckshot version.
I’m interresting by the high velocity grenade so, for me it is most interresting the model LV than the HV !
the M 1000 grenade are probably show at AUSA with new equipements.