40mm programmable grenades




I remember reading about these types of rounds, in various calibers, several years ago. Very coole idea, nearly impossible to “avoid”.
One idea was to be able to stop a threat behind a wal or inside a house, without the need to destroy the wall or house.
Just program the round to detonate two feet on the other side of that window, and bada-bing, bada-boom, no more threat, and the house is still standing for later use.
I believe the Swiss were a majour component in the development…


These are the so called “air burst” systems.

Oerlikon (today Rheinmetall) was one of the protagonists with these in 35mm for AA purposes (initially named AHEAD).
Today many manufacturers are making similar systems down to calibers of 20mm.


Here some on the air burst:


The video for the drone demonstration:


I love how they use 1500 meters direct fire range number completely disregarding the fact that drone is flying several hundreds meters above the ground and actual range would be much shorter than that.
And the quick counter-solution would be a recon dron being guarded by couple of cheap kamikaze drones; as the vehicle armed with such system in most cases would be easily spotted by an operator of the remotely controlled drone.

IMO, you need something with much shorter time of flight and flatter trajectory to get any decent chance of drone kill, i.e. 30mm autogun with AHEAD-stype ammo