40mm projectile

i have this 40mm AA projectile and was informed it was Swed. looks like red paint under the repainted blue and had a tracer. any info about the correct color and who made it would be great. thanks joe gatz

Joe, this one was made in 1940 by Bofors.
As for the color I shall check some docs and come back.

Here the 40mm color schemes of the time period in question.

thanks i also have the brass case that came with it but i am in TX now helping with my two granddaughters 5 and 9. being it has a PD fuze and tracer. HE-T projectile. or it could be all red. TP round with a dummy fuze. thanks for the info. i also received from the same source a projectile with a flat bottom tracer, no taper on the base .of the projectile. i do not have a picture at this time. joe gatz

Joe, red in Sweden is AP so it should not appky to your projectile.
Also we can not exclude your’s was exported or a test. So hard to say what is true.
I would leave it untouched as the paint appears like it was the original one at some point.

When you get back you may show us the other projectile and also the case/hs?

ok more info it was an eBay buy, from Argentina case dated 1947. was hand painted red, and seems to have the base paint pint blue with a red strip about the copper driving band. thanks for your help. i know US inert training where paint blue but not sure when that was started. joe gatz

That would have been good to know from the beginning.
Ok, then the Argentinian color code should apply (here TP-T if I got it right). I assume Fede will tell details.
One more reason not to repaint it.

“US blue” came in the 1950s If I remember correctly.
But the US did not buy Swedish 40mm in 1940 (and likely not at any other point other than maybe for testing).

Sorry, I missed this post. Alex is correct, this is an Argentine contract shell that was repainted here as a TP-T. You can also identify it because of the the Argentine Navy inspection mark (below the “A”).

Cñ. 40-1 = 40 mm Bofors L/60 Mod. 1938
Cñ. 40-3 = 40 mm US L/56.3 M1

Fede, why repainted? Would Bofors not paint them to customer requirements?
Or was that an in Argentina reworked HE?

the repaint was a poor job on the 40mm as it looked hand painted. maybe the collector who got it from wanted to make it look as a TP. since i got it from Argentina , repaint red. joe gatz

That does not sound likely to be honest.
Back in the old days repainting in depots was also done by hand.
Like it is done today in less developed places where labour is cheap and machinery is absent.

These are 1940 contract shells that were reworked as TP-T during the late 1950’s or during the 1960’s, after the 2nd color code was adopted for ammuniton between 20 and 60 mm. Paint looks original.