40mm SGT. YORK System

Although the Sgt. York AA gun system failed it did produce some very nice collectable ammo.

I have one of these in mint condition with original prox. fuze in my current auction. A beauty!

For some reason the pictures aren’t showing up.

One nice little collectible which emerged in some numbers a few years ago is a one-piece (unpainted light-alloy, it seems) 25x137 drill, headstamped 25mm ADEN DUMMY DRILL. That gun also never made it into service.

What does ADEN refer too? I think I have a 30MM “ADEN” dummy drill round that is also one-piece blue alloy.

Armament Development ENfield. The Aden gun was the standard British aircraft gun from the mid-1950s onwards, and is still in limited use today, although the last front-line combat aircraft to carry it - the Sea Harriers and the Jaguars - were retired quite recently. All but the earliest versions are in 30x113B calibre (the first ones were in 30x86B), and is a close copy of the late-WW2 expeimental Mauser MG 213C revolver cannon. The French DEFA/GIAT/NEXTER 540 and 550 series are very similar.

The 25mm Aden was developed to replace it in the 1980s and 1990s, chambered for the 25x137 NATO. The first installation was supposed to be in the Harrier, but a catalogue of problems caused it to be cancelled in the late 1990s, after about 100 guns had been made, so it never entered service. A complete waste of time and money, especially since the RAF already had in service the very similar 27mm Mauser BK 27.

I didn’t know all the aircraft carrying the 30mm ADEN had been retired recently. What is fitted to the RAF Harrier GR7s and GR9s still in service?

Nothing. They still have the gunpods, but they’re stuffed full of electronics.

Not surprising as the cannon was also deleted from the Eurofighter in British service. Are any other air forces besides the UK also not installing cannons on new fighters?

Actually the RAF has decided to keep the gun on the Typhoon after all. It won’t normally be used, but they are acquiring ammo for it (surplus from Tornadoes, IIRC) and if needed it will take a couple of weeks to activate the gun and get the system tested.

Seems old mistakes are getting repeated.

Thanks so much for the explanation Tony!!! I have heard the word Aden for a long time and never really understood what it was in connection with gun systems and ammo.