40x180 markings (and 3d model projectile I'm working on)

So maybe made by Oerlikon (OAE?)? Who is MIS? Edit To Add: Not Oerlikon

Headstamp is “U”

Markings on the side

Copying these for my projectile

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Where is the ID from of “OAE” being Oerlikon? Given Oerlikon belongs to Rheinmetall since 1999.

I confused it maye with OER? The case is definitely the Oerlikon style. Who is U? MIS?

Help me please, what is “Oerlikon style”?

Oerlikon used the headstamp “Oe” (also on cases they did not make as they had no own case production for the most if not whole time of their existance).

The “OAE” here is the loading facility, not the case maker.

My apologies if I’m using descriptive terms based on manufacturers. By Oerlikon style, I meant the steel case with the screw in primer holder and pressed in primer.

I’m thinking US GAU-8 style or US 25x137 vs EU 25 and 30mm KBB/KCB style.

If there are correct terms for these, please let me know.

If you know who OAE, MIS or U are, I’m also interested.

MIS = Medico Industries Engineering
OAE = Ordnance Associated XXX ? (Based on a number of OAx and OEA) being similar?

Actually both are new to me, so thank you for this!
The “MIS” should be the propellant manufacturer if I am not mistaken. Can somebody confirm?
Likely this will be one of the known players in the US (merely one who is connected to the gun, you US guys should be able to figure) and it is a new facility for manufacture of this caliber?

“Oerlikon style” then is relative as at some point case size and propellants do require a particular ignition (speed, temperature, pressure etc.). Screw in primers often have a primary charge included which allows a certain amount of primary propellant.
So in my view this is more of a technical/ballistic question than an “Oerlikon style”.

if MIS is medico industries, I would expect them to be for the case.


“MIS” is the case manufacturer, that is Medico Industries, Inc., Wilkes Barre branch. In 2020 it was acquired by General Dynamics and became General Dynamics OTS (Wilkes Barre), LLC. It was not included in the update (Looking for Mil-Std 1461 (US/NATO headstamp codes)) because it is already listed in the 1999 edition.

I don’t know who is “OAE”.



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Fede, as so often, excellent info!

I assume “OAE” will be a GD facility too then or?

First print


finally got around to finishing the paint

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