40x311R Hungarian case ID

Could I please get help with an ID on a 40mm shell casing.

Rim - 2.436” (61.85mm)
Base - 2.223” (56.46mm)
Mouth- approx 2.00” (50.8mm)
Length - 7.355” (186.82mm)

Head stamp from what I can see has
a crown with a “2” under,
a shield with “FF over G” inside
“4cm 39M” plus more text I can not make out due to corrosion. Something “g V” maybe.

Any information and what the complete head stamp is would be greatly appreciated.

This is a cut down Hungarian made 40x311R Bofors 40 L/60 case made in 1942.


Thank you EOD

Here is a photo of the Hungarian 4cm 39M lgv HET ? projectile.
It has a double drive band and a different base to normal British & Swedish Bofors projectiles.
My case is the same as yours dated 1942.

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Ron, and to have it said this driving band configuration is also seldomly found in Hungary/Europe.
Means you have a good spcimen there.

Could you post a picture of your head stamp please

Here is the Hungarian 40x311R cartridge and projectile comparison to an Australian Bofors L/60 projectile with tracer.