40x46R Drill

Who made this 40mm Drill cartridge. Blue plastic.
The case is 40mm long. White band is 10mm wide. Spring-loaded primer.


Never seen, could be from a manufacturer which does not make any real ammunition.

Thanks EOD. These are used by Australian military for training in schools like Duntroon in Canberra, ACT. We also use nico practice and USA non-lethal M1006 rounds.

I knew about NICO being around in your place.
I guess the drill is locally made then.

Hi Ron,

It was made by Flexisolutions Limited, Manawatu, New Zealand.



Fede, interesting!
Is this round now in Aussie or Kiwi service?

Is it them?:

Alex, some of the cartridges made by them were in service in both the NZDF and ADF, until they reported problems with the practice variant and production was halted.

No, it is not related, it was a different company established in NZ.



Fede, thanks!
They made a TP also?

Does the manufacturer have a website you know of?

Thanks Fede for the information.

No website that I know of. They manufactured and developed many different loads, including practice, multiprojectile, and artillery simulator.

Too bad, I have never heard of them.