40x46SR and 40x53SR by FN in the late 1960s


FN of Belgium was working on 40x46SR in the late 1960s and developed there a row of different TP loads and at least 1 HE round.

Also there are 40x53(S)R but for them I have no approximate date, they could well be later made.

Is there any documentation on these FN loads available?
I assume they must have advertized these back in the time they were making them.

Photos of actual rounds or components are also welcome.

Here the only I have on the 40x46SR HE:


Alex, it’s not much, but here is a scan from the 1973 catalog:



Federico, thanks a lot! This is great to have!
My catalog material before the 2000s is quite meager. And so is FN…