40x53R M918 Practice grenade (sectioned)

Shown below is a recovered M918 practice grenade that I have sectioned. I had to cut open two in order to salvage the surviving components of the fuze, as the aluminium heads are very difficult to remove without destroying them. A friend of mine did the paint work for me.



A good job of sectioning. I like it.

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Thanks Ron - I’m really happy with the way it turned out.

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Excellent work, Mayhem! I’ve only sectioned one item, (a mortar practice fuze) but I’d love to do more. Haven’t found the time yet. Thanks for posting!

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Thanks invert. I do enjoy both the technical aspect and the insight into how such items are constructed/work.

On this one, I really wanted to preserve the fuze assembly, driveband and the hemispherical copper cup (for which I would like to know the purpose of). It would have been much easier to simply cut it in half but the end result would not have been so good.

The copper cup near the base, only one I see.

I would think perhaps two things one to prevent web burn through or to act a a hi-iow pressure chamber until it buns through to vent up the channel into the larger cavity above.
Or does this cup have a hole to match to the vent? By lighting and blowing up your photo I see it does have holes in it. Are the holes in the cup pre-drilled or burnt through? Might be hard to manufacture if the 3(?) holes had to be aligned during manufacturing?

But those are just guesses on my part.

Pretty cool job.

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Thanks Pete, yes that is the cup in question. There are several holes in the cup, which align with the holes in the case. It just so happened that they are spaced so that I was only able to include one in the section. It was a PITA to align them up when I glued it back into place. The holes in the copper were clean and uniform in shape. I wonder if it is pressed into the case and the holes are drilled in a single process.