40x53R M918 Practice grenade (sectioned)

I’ve always been told the same as Alex, that the Dutch took the 40mm fragmentation ball and made it into the V40. I suspect that the truth, however, is that the 40mm rifle grenade may have been the inspiration for the V40 when created by the Dutch firm of NWM.
The Dutch produced three different designs of grenades in this series, the V40, the MN42 and the V60. The designation of each was based on the body diameter of the grenade, 40mm, 42mm and 60mm. The 40mm rifle grenade is also 40mm in diameter, but the fragmentation ball sits inside the body of the projectile, and therefore the ball must be a smaller diameter. My separated pieces measure 37.5mm in diameter, I am sure there are other variants in size.
The V40 also has a significantly smaller fuze well than the rifle grenade. In addition NWM did much work on developing a fragmentation pattern that would be the most effective for their own purposes.
I was very fortunate to spend over twelve years based out of The Hague in The Netherlands, and through many collecting friends eventually gained access to some very nice NWM grenade artifacts. Relevant photos attached. First photo, rifle grenade frag ball on left, V40 on right. Second photo, 40mm frag ball on right. Third photo, V40 fragmentation designs that I encountered.

I see what you mean. My understanding would be that the warhead from the 40x46SR cartridges was taken and modified. So maybe not the “off the production line” solution. But applying a different fuze thread to one of the stamped halfes may be not so difficult.
Technically you are correct, it is not the exact identical warhead of the cartridge.

I don’t know if modifying one to another would work or not. You would not only be applying a different thread, but effectively “necking up” the fuze well significantly. I was able to view a number of body-hemisphere stamping failures that seem to indicate that much more re-forming of the hemisphere would be problematic.

A few more examples of the stamping failures. The neck area seems to have been a common problem point for both the V40s and the MN42s.

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Ben, range pickup or not, they are very hard to find. I’ve managed to pick up only two in decades of hunting and would love to have a red one in any condition. Nice piece.

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Can you please explain what a grenade IMPACT fuze is?


Basically, a standard grenade body with an electrical fuze. Instead of a time delay, it functions primarily on impact. Potentially advantageous in numerous situations (steep inclines, lightweight barriers, etc). The thermal battery had a much more stable shelf life, but the grenade is no longer in service. Other countries had similar ideas using different designs (Czechs, etc).

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