40x53SR Egyptian made?

I noticed the Egyptian company Helwan is making/offering the 40mm MK19 AGL.
This allows for the assumption that the ammo is also made in Egypt.

Does anybody have info or images, catalogs or any other usefull info?

Alex, Egyptian 40 mm ammunition in HV and LV variants was made by Factory 45 (Maasara), but I don’t have any pictures. Not sure about current production.



Fede, thanks. Now I noticed that the info on the AGL came with the usual generalization and simplification as Helwan is the location of “El Maasara Company for Engineering Industries”.
By now my entries on #45 do not show that they are making any ammo.
So I suspected some other Egypt manufacturer being behind the ammo then.

Unfortunately the internet presence of Egypt arms manufacturers is pretty weak and I think cetralized too (explaining some part of it).

Alex, that’s not correct, Helwan is Factory 99, not Factory 45 (Massara), and the former also manufactures ammunition (heavy artillery and mortar shells, for example). Factory 45 is a well known ammunition manufacturer, for example: 14.5x51R, 20x110, 23x115, 23x152B, 30x170, primers, igniters, fuzes, links, etc.

Fede, thanks for pointing it out. I have a nice twist in the files then. Should not just download stuff but also read it!