.41 Action Express still made?

The picture Pivi posted must be of the cartridge based on the .44 Magnum case, not the true .41AE based on the .41 Magnum case. The round in the picture is clearly semi-rimmed, like the early browning Cartridges (.25, .32, .38 Auto, etc.), and not rebated rim as in the .41 AE cartridge. This squares perfectly with the dimensions supplied by Pete DeCoux about this cartridge (Rim: .475"; head (base) .453").

It is a great prototype cartridge due to its provenance! It evidently went nowhere, because I know of no production cartridge that would begin to correspond to this round. If some one can think of one, please post the information.

Pete and Pivi - thanks for the picture. This is totally a new one on me. Pete, you shoud give this cartridge a name more descriptive of its dimensions. With the principals involved now gone, you are the best qualified to attach a descriptive name to this cartridge. (.44 AE SR???)

Is it simply a SR .44 Mag?

Jon - with a case length of .956, it is not simply a semi-rimmed .44 Mag. The nominal case length of .44 Magnum is from 1.272" to 1.291 inch, much longer than this prototype round of Pete’s. (Case length for .44 Mag from Erlmeier-Brandt - other sources may vary a bit). Also, it is clear on Pete’s round that the extractor groove has been cut, and is not “.44 Magnum” nor is the rim diameter of .475" (.44 Magnum rim: .501" to .514" same source as previously cited).

They have made a really different round here as far as I can see.

I don’t think I’m qualified to “name” it other than an .41 AE experimental. Even though it’s clearly not a .41 caliber & that .41 caliber was the final form the cartridge/ weapon usage assumed.
It should be tied to the final form but what to “name” it I don’t know. Though you are correct it should have a name.
So why not .44 AE SR Experimental, guess you sold me.

PS yes, the photo Pivi posted was of the FC 44 REM MAG headstamped dummy.